Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Tommy Met Anna at The Room

While I was in Toronto over the weekend, I was lucky enough to check out this JAMAZING Anna Dello Russo showcase. The Room at The Bay is paying homage to Tommy Ton and Anna Dello Russo.  The showcase features 81 photograps from Ton's large collection of ADR images.  The Room did an amazing job capturing the essence of Anna Dello Russo extravagance and glamour. Gorgeous! This is definitely a must-see if you are in the Toronto area.
- J


  1. This is SO awesome. Great photos, thanks for sharing!!

  2. J'adooore la robe orange!!C'est tres belle!!!!

    Angela Donava

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  4. Such a great exhibit..when were you there?! I met them on Thursday.. best day ever haha


  5. The Room keeps getting better and better. Did you go to the Lula pop up shop there?

    x The Pretty Secrets